Rank resets to Max Level Max Prestige every time I play the game again.

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  • TL;DR at bottom


    I did unlockall in the console my first time around, but decided soon after that I wanted to unlock everything normally.

    Problem is, I don't want to reset to base level no prestige. I want to keep attachments unlocked and I want to play from Prestige 5 and on (the snake icon) just because I love the icon and I'd love to play from 1 to 55 like that.

    I COULD do statsetbyname plevel <number> for prestige, statsetbyname rankxp <number> for xp. But I would have to do that EVERY TIME I PLAY THE GAME, and not to mention: I lose all unlock tokens I grinded for when previously playing, forcing me to grind for the same weapons I would already have unlocked at the level I force myself to during that play session.

    NOTE: I am NOT playing custom games or zombies whatsoever, I only play BO2 through public Plutonium lobbies. I rank up and progress pretty normally while playing after resetting my rank and prestiging from 4th to 5th.

    TL;DR Stats not saving when I relaunch game.

  • I know this sounds silly but can you try doing the following:

    Get your stats to where you want them via the commands you mentioned above.

    Edit a custom class (change a weapon or something).

    Then join a server and play and wait for the server to swap to the next map.

    Once the new map has loaded, wait about 20 seconds and then leave and check your stats. Make sure they are at what you would expect (maybe level 2 for example).

    Quit the game.

    Restart and check if stats how now saved.

    If they have, it should stick from then ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Mr-Android Thanks for the response. Iโ€™ll give this a try later on and let you know if it works!

  • I have a similar problem. I used to be able to rank up with bots, but not anymore. Fair enough, you could say that is cheating but so is unlock all, which gives you max rank. The game is 8 years old nobody cares about rank anymore, so it's fun to play with bots and rank up at the same time.

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