Rank resets

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  • Hi, i've been actually playing for a full year and I relaunched the game today (haven't play in like 3 months) and when I launched online I got a message saying "You online stats have been reseted" like why I just lost everything, can someone help me pls like if there is still a way to get everything back?

  • @Hulo Unfortunately not. Your rank reset due to a new update of plutonium. Since the release of PlutoT4 (WAW), everyone's stats resets back to lvl 1 due to change of stats file version. You can regrind your stats again or use updated stats file to unlock everything including camos.

  • damn that sucks cause i got all camos for all weapons just by playing im so sad rn... anyway thanks for letting me know

  • @Hulo me too but in 2 mounths ago . my rank reseted in BO2 mp and zombies and i think every one has the same thing

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