replacing menu image not working?

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  • just wondering if changing the main menu image is prohibited, everytime I change it the launcher downloads the original again, tried downloading and using other people's custom backgrounds and it did the same thing, is this against the rules?

  • @erica the problem is that the plutonium background image is in the "images" folder. As soon as the launcher detects that a file has changed it assumes your installation or part of it is outdated and downloads that file from our server. It's not prohibited, just a design flaw as those images should be in a separate .iwd strictly reserving the "images" folder for the loading of custom textures.

    For the time being you can pack your custom background image into an .iwd file that you put into %localappdata%/Plutonium/storage/iw5.
    .iwd's are just .zip files so create a .zip file, inside that create an images folder and put your texture in there, then change the file extension from .zip to .iwd (may have to disable "hide file extensions for known file types" in the explorer options).

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