Improve your in-game experience and some tips for the pluto project

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  • Hi guys, I created this post to be able to improve your ingame experience. I hope to help the pluto team and its users.

    Ok... The Call of duty MW3 is based on an engine called Q3. Knowing how the engine works will not improve your aim but can improve your in game experience.

    HitReg and FPS
    /rate 100000 (or something above the default ) - The rate you send data, measured in bytes per second

    /snaps 30 (Generally I set it as high as possible, but the ones who really set snaps are the servers and that's why I always put them as high as possible) - The amount of times the server updates itself, similar to "ticks"

    /cl_packetdup 5 ( If you have a good connection with your internet provider and servers, there are few packets loss you can leave at 1 or 2, if your ping is greater than 70 I recommend that you put it at 5. If you set to zero some functions in your cod can be redone, like: change weapon, quick quickscopes or quickscope with reload bug) - Duplicates packets sent out to combat packet loss
    /com_maxfps 125 or 250 or 333 (Fps interfere a lot in your MW3 experience, they practically define how smooth you can play the game. Why set these values ​​and not 500 or 1000 or 0, when you put values ​​like 500, 1000 or 0 the COD engine (Q3) is all crooked and creates some bugs, as some jumps are higher than others your doll can be heavier or slower, your strafe can go wrong. Now why use 125, 250 or 333? These are values ​​that the engine (Q3) accepts and work normally without any type of bug. 125 = Your jumps are long, but not so high, 250 = your jumps are long, but less than 125 but now they are taller, 333 = your jumps are extremely high, some steps of the player do not make noise and your fall damage is reduced. See this video for example - The max FPS allowed client-side, affects in-game physics
    /cl_maxpackets 125 or higher (Here are the size of your packages, they interfere a little in your hit reg, in some guides said that the value 125 is the best for 250 and 125 and 333, but you can test with a higher number. I noticed that in plutoiw5 the maximum value is 100 I hope that later they will increase that value or unlock it) - The maximum CMD packets sent to the server a second.

    Now below I will put some commands that can improve fps and some that are blocked that can also (It is up to the pluto team to evaluate if they should be released, do not try to hack plutoiw5

    seta cg_blood "0" - Removes blood
    seta cg_brass "0" - Remove brass fires
    seta cg_hudGrenadeIconEnabledFlash "1" - Enable icon for flashbangs
    seta r_distortion "0" - Removes explosion distortions
    seta r_dof_enable "0" - Remove Depth of Field
    seta r_drawSun "0" - Remove Sun
    seta r_drawWater "0" - Remove Water
    seta r_glow_allowed "0" - Removes some blurs from the game
    seta r_ssao "0_Off" - Remove Ambient Oclusion
    seta r_specular "0" - Remove Specular reflexes
    seta r_vsync "0" - Yeah, never use vsync
    seta sm_enable "0" - Disable Shadows

    Blocked commands:
    r_normalmap "0" - Makes the map smoother, without any details of figures or paper on the walls
    r_detail "0" - Removes details on the maps
    r_detailmap "0" - Removes details on the maps
    r_blur "0" - Remove blur
    r_filmTweakEnable "1" - Enable film tweaks, So you can customize the colors of the maps
    r_filmUseTweaks "1"- Enable film tweaks, So you can customize the colors of the maps
    r_glow "0" - Remove glow.

    Thank you, I hope I have helped someone and that the Pluto team is successful.

  • you sure helped me, have a like good sir

  • @kralli +1 blocked commands need to be allowed, maps look so much better with them 😃

  • Some of the blocked commands could be abused.

  • @H3X1C Tell me which one .. in cod4 all of them are allowed .. and I Guess, Server owner should consider their own or? We need it for Promod to have a nice smooth & competitive feeling like in cod4 with most of the commands .. why not let the server admins allow them for their own?

    Cheers Rosamaha

  • There's way too much detail on the maps. Looks like most of the blocked ones need to be looked into and allowed.

    If they can be 'abused', maybe plugins can set the values and force them (pretty sure it does for some in CoD4 Promod).

  • @bashy Good idea yes. So if you join a server with a specific mod it will change for you. If you go out of the server and join another one, the changes will be the default again.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @kralli
    Some More Commands for FPS:
    r_detail 0
    dynEnt_Active 0
    r_fastskin 1
    r_dlightlimit 0

  • Thanks for the explanation👍 👍
    /rate & /snaps does not exist on iw5x
    when I type in the command nothing is displayed
    do you have to configure rate and snap in the plutonium.cfg file?

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