IW5 Rust small sound bug

  • Type: Multiplayer
    Description: In mw2 rust one can clearly hear background sound fitting the level(wind etc.) In Plutonium version of Rust one can hear background sounds clearly belonging to other map(s). These sounds include sirens, vehicles and human made noises. I know this bug is only a small one, but as a person paying attention to small details like this one, I want this addressed. Literally unplayable(maybe exaggerated a bit).
    Steps needed to reproduce: Load Rust on Plutonium and use your ears to listen to these noises. Alternatively you can watch my video demonstrating these sounds. If so, please increase your volume after the mw2 version comparison.
    Crashdump: Not needed
    Screenshot/Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2k8520XU44

  • Project Admin

    Correct, we haven't ported the sound/FX GSC file from MW2 yet. Thanks for your report! Next to that, we used the original ambient called ambient_mp_duststorm (used in MW2), however, the IW devs replaced the soundfile, thats why it sounds off. This issue will be addressed soon