BO2 DLC Better download option?

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  • Seeking a non torrent download link for the dlc as im unable to use torrents on my internet as my services will get shut off, and using a vpn is unrealistic and unable to do so anyways as vpn's will break my current rig.setup completely

    download link/s preferably from like fast download sites like google drive or megaup would be best as most other sites are trash and garbagely slow

  • @Anime-OverLord said in BO2 DLC Better download option?:

    google drive or megaup

    both would be down within hours, torrents with their decentralized structure are perfect for sharing large files with many people.

  • bummer then i guess wont be able to access the dlc then and keep crashing on the most of the Multiplayer (LAN) lobby loading screens
    all i got is vengeance/dragon pack/nuketown 2025 on steam version

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