Severs aren't showing

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  • Hi guys,

    I have seen a post here or there saying that people can't see servers when they go on the server browser. Well, today I have joined the club. When I click on server browser, no servers show.

    Since I have looked at the other posts, I have tried all the tips the replies have said and I still don't see any servers. Only once have the servers popped up and I was able to play a little bit. I then went to change one of my classes. Big mistake. No servers showing again. I'm 90% sure I have done the install correctly. I have stable internet. I've enabled that firewall thingy, refreshed the browser a bunch of times and other stuff. Please help!

  • I have also tried connecting via IP address, did not work.

  • Did you try using the search bar?
    I noticed this happens sometimes but eventually comes back to normal after a while.
    Just try restarting your game and hopefully the servers will return.
    Have a nice day

  • @bod I have tried search bar. I will wait a while. Hopefully it works tomorrow.

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