Random freeze after 10 minutes of play & random full screen kick

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  • I've been experiencing this on a daily basis since i installed Pluto, before and after the update.
    I get a random freeze while in game that usually lasts 5 seconds; the server doesnt get affected and i can still hear the sound of the game. This happens randomly again after 4 hours of gameplay plus, I get kicked out of fullscreen mode (usually after 3-4 hours as well); this is extremely frustrating as i usually do high rounds on servers. Ive tried solutions other people had suggested like running game and pluto.exe on windows 7 compatibility mode with no luck. Ive also deactivated antivirus hoping it fix fullscreen mode but nothing has worked so far.

    I am running the game on an SSD and i have a beefy pc with an RTX 3080 Ryzen 5 3600 16GB RAM Windows 10 Pro. I use GSync from Nvidia and game at 165Hz, this for extra infromation.

    Thank you for your time


  • @TheDawnFox anything in windows event viewer when that happens? (event viewer -> windows logs -> application).
    Also have you tried playing in windowed borderless?

  • @Dss0 thanks for replying, I personally havent checked the event viewer, i assume its the black command window that pops up after launching the game right? If not tell me what it is so i can test tomorrow. Regarding windowed borderless I havent tried as i need the fullscreen mode for the 165Hz fluid experience, plus, it consumes a little more resources but ill have a test tomorrow to see if anything changes. Will post here asap!

    Thank you again @Dss0

  • @TheDawnFox no, event viewer is part of windows. search for "event viewer" in the start menu. this is what it looks like:

    alt text

  • Hey Ive been testing and this is what i got while playing. Capturea.PNG

    During this session it kicked me out of fullscreen, i didnt experience the random freeze, ill record it and upload if this accepts video files.

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