COD Online? (Chinese Call of Duty)

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  • Will it be possible to have a hack for COD Online ?

    I know these are two different games but some years ago Halo Online was a Russian only Halo game and a few modders brought Halo Online to North America and named it Halo Eldewrito

    I will miss this game once its gone forever but i do feel like COD Online will have huge fan base if revived. I mean its got every COD game in one


  • wondering the same thing.

  • no new games are planned atm, we're busy enough with maintaining the current games and stuff like game-ui.
    ofc it's possible to create a client for codo but it's alot more work than mw3 due to tencent's drm, afaik the networking part of the game is also quite different from mw2/mw3 and makes it alot harder to implement user-hostable dedicated servers.

  • The best alternative to this will be SM2 I think.
    They have a Discord server with announcements and they showcase some cool stuff.

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