Screen is white in Origin (like I receive a flashbang)

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  • Hello,

    I have a problem. When I want to play on origin map in zombie, solo or with my friends my screen is white(Like I receive a flashbang) when I'm in the game (and only with origin, when I play on buried/die rise/mob of the dead etc no problem) but I can move, just I saw nothing (I already tried to repair my game) (And I tried to reinstalled the game like download again the torrent and remake the same steps and nothing change, delete the folder and delete the folder plutonium)
    (Also I have no sounds I don't know why )
    Here is my torrent (I have a very good connection and it's like that infinitely)

  • @CrownLions you can remove the torrent from qbittorrent, it has finished downloading.
    Try deleting your config files which are located in the "players" folder in your game folder ("plutonium_mp.cfg, plutonium_zm.cfg).
    Also try installing directx from the redist folder (redist/DirectX/DXSETUP.exe) and updating your gpu drivers.

  • Hello @Dss0 ,

    Still not working and I tried everything you said (update directX, delete the config file there were only one the "plutonium_zm.cfg" and update my gpu drivers). I do have no sound and the game is still white like a flashbang only in origin map

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