My pluto t6 full- isn’t finishing its download its staying stalled

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  • I dont know how to upload a picture on to here but everything is 100% other than my two (sound) and (redist) folders, my sound folder sitting at 99.9% whilst my redist folder sitting at 99.8% when I check the “content” tab inside of qBittorent.
    I dont know what to do help😭

  • @Vrah could you post a screenshot of the qbittorrent window? Does it display any error message? Maybe your hdd is full?

  • @Dss0 i dont know how to post a screenshot on here since im on mobile it might not let me but no there are no errors i think it just says stalled and stayed like that for a LITERAL full day so I assumed something was wrong since the rest of the download at least moved every few minutes and its a completely new “onn ssd 128 gb hard drive” with nothing on it

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