Downloading Game Settings Forever and Can't Connect After Clicking "Play Online"

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  • I can not connect to ANY server. I tried connecting to the best ping, zero players servers.

    I tried to play with my friend on his private server, and I keep getting this screen below: 0b02e1a7-c8a4-43ee-b4f3-33e34db45e96-image.png

    When I click on "Play Online" I get the exact error as this reference image: cbe29f85-e360-40f2-86c0-81710ffd5b64-image.png

    I can play multiplayer just fine and connect to servers easy-peasy. At first Malware Bytes was blocking the win32 launcher, but after excusing it I still can't play.

    When I join my friend, I see him playing in my background. When I die after going down I can see him perfectly fine running around and getting hit.

  • help me too same error

  • same here, still no fix to this?

  • i have exactly the same problem and the stuff does not respond to the problem and i feel that stuff have no need

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