ZM bug or timeout disconnection?

  • Soo, here's the issue guys.
    When my friend hosts a ZM map with no intro videos, like Town for example or Nuketown, my game will load and connect just fine and we can play, but... if he hosts a map with intro videos, like Buried or Origins, he doesn't get the intro videos and he loads fine in the game but me?... well, i get the intro videos and they're not skippable, this making me disconnect/time out once the video is over.
    This issue doesn't seem to happen with Die Rise tho since the intro is shorter compared to the others. We have average's PC's who run BO2 at 100 and above fps so our PC's aint an issue since the MP part or the ZM no intro maps load in a matter of seconds. This also happens in public maches. Every server do show up the intro videos of the map and both of us do get disconnected

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    @niktorkx How long does it take for the maps to load? If its over 90 seconds you get kicked / disconnected.

  • Hello, I'm Niktor KX's friend typing right now and as he said, in maps with intro videos, he gets disconnected. That's because the game only loads him in the map when the video is OVER (according to what he experienced with die rise map) soo yeah, over 90 seconds. This doesn't happen in maps with no intro's. The latter do load in like a 10-15 seconds on his modest laptop but I don't think the problem is the laptop because me with a better PC, I face the same kind of issue on public matches too, because the intro's do come up and get timed out.

    My PC: Celeron G1620 2.7ghz, 8GB Ram ddr3, AMD R7 240 2GB OC.

    Niktor's Laptop: Intel i5 3.5 GHz, 4gb ram, Intel HD 4000.

    We tested this with DLC maps on steam and the intro videos don't come up for me and my friend and he loads fine in maps like Buried because no intro's do come up
    MP wise, no issues on both steam or Pluto

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    @niktorkx If you havent tried already you can left click to skip the video if it loads. If it doesnt load all all that could be due to drive read/write speeds and your RAM being super slow. Theres a console command to increade dedicated timeout but idk if that will work.

  • What's the command? I'll let my host friend try it and we can perhaps also try viceversa, me with the slow laptop host and him with the better PC join in so that he can get in faster

  • All good, the left click helped me!
    Clicking it mid way of the intro gets me in the match with no time outs, thank you :)