Issue with BO2 Zombies Crashing during first couple of rounds

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    Dump Codes and Reason for dump codes. Any fixes/tips?

    On a 2nd Note:
    Q: How can i change my in-game name?
    A: Click your avatar on the top right -> edit profile -> change username.

    How do you change your username in-game? Whenever I was checking thru clicking your avatar, the Edit Profile thing isn't there?plutonium-bootstrapper-win32_pcAOJhtDwH.png

  • @moontiz which antivirus software do you use? Also you have to click your avatar on the forum, not ingame. in-game name == forum account name.

  • Thank your for the forum name thing, also I don't use antivirus. and windows defender is disabled. This includes the Firewall, I also have an exception for the firewall for this game

  • seems to just sometimes happen, as whenever I went to Buried instead of City it seemed to have stopped, and then I played a second game and the same thing happens, seems to "randomly happen" but only after the end of the 3rd round

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