BO2 "Graphics" improvement

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  • So a couple weeks ago i found a program called "ReShade" and i installed it with pluto and began messing with some different options (Plz keep in mind that this program doesn't edit the actual games textures in any way but instead throws filters on the game to change how things look)

    After image on nuketown (Forgot to grab a before image at the time)
    alt text

    before and after on turbine
    alt text
    alt text

    (Note: This kills your fps as i usually run bo2 at 150+ fps and with this i was dropping down to as low as 50 fps) (Edit: If anyone would like to contact me my discord is Zolar#8160)

  • @ZolarZ seems like there is an increase in contrast and colours

  • @Sparker The sharpness is a lot higher too cause when i turned up the sharpness it made things much more clear and not have this odd blur that's on the game. Its so noticeable now and it annoys me lol, just one of those kinda things where once you've seen it you cant unsee it

  • Reshade is quite nice, I use it for a few other games.

  • >BO2 "Graphics" improvement


  • @Emosewaj Lol yeah i normally run my game with lower graphics just for fps

  • @ZolarZ said in BO2 "Graphics" improvement:

    @Emosewaj Lol yeah i normally run my game with lower graphics just for fps

    This game is 8 years old, your PC should not have any issues pushing out 144+ stable fps.

    Also please do keep in mind that reshade does replace a directx binary which might get detected by the anticheat as an attempt to cheat. (You can do pretty nasty things with reshade too).

  • @Xerxes You can't push out 144+ FPS if your PC is as old as the game though (basically my PC)

  • You can, I did play this game for years with an Intel 2600k paired with an AMD HD 6970, both older than the game.

  • @Xerxes my pc doesn't have any graphics card and also a terrible CPU so it kinda explains why my FPS is literal crap

  • And then you make a graphics enhancement? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Cranking the saturation doesn't make it look good, makes it look like a cringe over edited trickshot clip.

  • Hello! I have been trying to install Reshade with BO2 Plutonium and is not working.

    How did you managed to get it to work?

  • @ZolarZ I think that actually makes the game look worse lol

  • @mikey THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    It's working!! Now I can finally say BO2 Plutonium is the definitive version of BO2

    Console Commands: FOV Slider, Custom Game options like increase scorelimit/timelimit/XP etc
    Increase Bots: Can play custom games (xpartygo) with 17 bots with difficulty levels, making 9 vs 9 on any map possible and fun (original BO2 only had 6 vs 6).
    Unlock FPS: Playing 300-500FPS with high settings and Reshade on is a beauty.
    Reshade: Also works with MW3 since it's both Plutonium launcher
    Mod Menu Zombies Working: Solo only, but that's what I prefer anyways
    Unlock All including prestige, weapons, skins like diamond, dlc
    All DLC Maps/Zombies: No need to pay a whopping 60+ just because Activision is greedy, base BO2 is enough.

    THANK YOU!!! I will definitely play BO2 eternally because of this. No need for remaster other than campaign since base BO2 PC, I still get frequent crashes on cutscenes.

    And Activision/Current Treyarch will fuck this up with microtrashactions on the weapon skins at least.

    So now we have working order for old CODs:

    MW1: cod4x
    MW2: iw4x
    MW3: Plutonium
    Ghosts: iw6x

    BO1: Rekt T5? Anyone tried this
    BO2: Plutonium

    MW2 iw4x: Bot warfare mod working and reshade on. It's even leveling your rank/weapons so it feels like you are playing online with offline connection

    MW3 Plutonium: No modding tools are being implemented since it's still yet to be crack with GSC. Need something for this in the future, but at least Reshade is now working!

    Ghosts iw6x: Reshade is working and the game has built in bots for 9 vs 9 as well as console command is working. Current version (2.01) is making the game freeze, so they need to fix this in future patches

    BO1: I only play Vanilla BO1 with Bot Warfare mod. Haven't tried Rekt T5, but at least Zombie Mod Menu is working.

    I just need COD4x and WAW Bot Warfare mods to work since I'm having trouble getting them to work.

  • @XenoMars kind of a late reply and im sorry but just now saw this

    MW1: cod4x
    MW2: iw4x
    MW3: piw5 (plutonium)
    Ghosts: iw6x
    AW: s1x
    BO1: RektT5 (this has been tried)
    BO2: pt6 (plutonium)
    WAW: pt4 (plutonium)

    and you never know, maybe some more could happen in the future.

  • woo cool if someone made a version that for Good grahipcs card it would be cool idk lmao

  • @mikey Hey!! Lots of what happened in just 4 months since that last post!

    We now have AW: s1x, which I tried and enjoyed as is. But I can say that the game is just not for me ๐Ÿ˜

    It does have cool stuff like FOV Slider, Unlock FPS/All (being able to try variants and all the outfits are sweet!), but core gameplay is really not my cup of tea. I appreciate introducing jetpack in the series, but I prefer the simple Jetpack movement in Black Ops 3/Infinite Warfare.

    I don't need side boosting or ground pound. It made things a bit complicated as is. And also, no wallrunning, which can really be frustrating in close buildings. So I appreciate Treyarch for implementing it in BO3 and Infinity Ward for keeping it for IW. Sliding is even better in IW. Just smooth all around.


    Finally! I tested it with my own reshade and it looks gorgeous!

    alt text

    alt text

    Unfortunately Reshade (any dll really, so this affects it) is currently blocked for BO2. It's still working on WAW and MW3, but it will be a matter of time before they block it to those games.

    Fortunately, the team is considering loading its own shaders provided by the client itself in the future! Kinda like what Gshade does with FFXIV ๐Ÿ™‚

    So if we can have same options as Reshade latest version (v.4.9.1), package as Plutonium own and customize it to our liking. Then I think that'd would be better! It will give everyone a try on using Reshade options without having to still allow dll since, it is still a risk for hackers/cheaters galore.

    All that's left really now are Black Ops 1 and Infinite Warfare. There are some discussions about BO1 being made, but of course. Nothing is confirmed and will just have to wait for it to be surprised(I know it will come someday, since rektT5m is dead as hell).

    I definitely wanted xlabs to do Infinite Warfare than Advance Warfare. I think they will do it sometime next year once AW becomes more stable(which it already is to be honest).

    IW needed it the most. Console Command/FOV Slider/Unlock FPS(PC is locked to 90 which is dumb), Unlock All/Max Rank (I want to try the variant weapons and scorestreaks!) as well as possible 9v9 bots via console command (/xpartygo - /spawnbots 17).

    As for COD WW2. Ehh, I played it a few weeks ago. Gave it as many chances as well. It's just boring honestly. Zombies has some cool QA changes. So having Unlock all would benefit Zombies the most. But IW needs to be priority for sure!

    I would save BO3 for the 10th Anniversary (2015-2025). Since game is still getting supported via mods on Steam. Only reason to have a client right now is due to the price of having to have everything which is still full price DLCs (good thing I got the DLC on that was on a rare sale a week or so ago).

    Sorry for posting this essay like comment XD

    Just excited that old COD games are finally getting the support they deserve! BO4 and onwards (basically when they switched to Steam to Battle net) just made things complicated now.

    I want BO4 to have its own custom client, but will probably wait for 5-10 years until it's possible to crack it (if ever).

  • Infinite Warfare is a fairly new game so you won't see a client for that any time soon. Same goes for WW2, BO4, and BO3 is a iffy area to touch. Advanced Warfare, however, is no longer supported and monitored by them I believe and therefore, a client was made. Was originally just a mod but it was seem to have reason to become a client and therefore, that happened.

    Black Ops 1 - nothing will probably happen any time soon. rektT5m, though dead, can be populated and played like any other client. although it's unstable in some areas, it's not that bad of a experience. Plutonium isn't doing a BO1 client (just want to confirm this as the post about it was a joke)

    The purpose of clients is to add features, like add modding support and even more than the game offered, and fix bugs, etc. Stuff like WW2 and BO4, while hard to crack, is still possible to an extent I believe and is rather a issue of getting a C&D (or whatever it's called) from Activision.

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