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  • hello i need help with t6 bo2. I go on plutonium I run bo2 at this point everything is normal? Then I see that the plutonium overlay starts to open and T6 BO2 loads everything is open I do F10 and I see a lot of servers displayed. Then I select a bo2 trickshot server because I am a trickshotter, I connect it takes time then its load then its put me hijacked team deathmatch the orange line is moving very slowly then it puts me checking the textures ... then i waited 15min then the loading ends and it sends me to the main menu and its written put you have been disconnected from the black ops 2 servers my pc asus a laptop pc, before all his i downloaded qbittorent x64 pluto t6 full game i created a bo2 folder in local disk i put pluto t6 full game in the bo2 slow pc folder it me remain 2.51 gb and my pc has 57.1 gb i need help please

  • Your PC has 90 seconds to load a map or you time out.

  • it's a question ?

  • No that's a fact. Could be your internet or a slow HDD. Incase of the latter, get a new HDD/SSD.

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