My characters hangs on the floor and the walls (ZM)

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  • Hello, I come here to ask for help concerning a bug, I explain to you, as soon as my character touches an element of the scenery which is higher than the basic ground, example: staircase, rock, stone etc etc, it hangs in it , I also find it difficult to change direction, my character is like attracted in one and only direction at times, and also when I jump near a wall, this one remains blocked at the height of my jump, in the wall, and I have to move again to unlock myself, it's very painful as a zombie, since to do rounds you often have to jump, turn near walls etc, and if I'm stuck in it, I can't do much , so is there a solution? (I specify that I do not have this problem in my public games on servers, only in custom game) Thanks for ur help ! ๐Ÿ™‚ 1.PNG 2.PNG
    This is an example, it is only a flat wall, but I can hang on to him like spiderman, and it is very painful to be stuck in all the elements of the scenery

  • Ok so, i asked on plutonium server, and someone send me the solution, just dont play with unlmited fps, type on console : com_maxfps 60/75/144/240 depend on ur screen, thanks to this guy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Limit your FPS to 200 and try again.


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