Submitting your first bug report

  • Project Admin

    Hello community,

    Here's a quick guide on how to open a bug report on our forums. First of all, thanks for reporting any bug you may find in the client. This helps us developing a more stable client.

    When posting a bug report, you should include a basic description of the bug and the steps we need to take to reproduce the bug. If the client crashed, please attach the crash dump (if any). Also should you specify if the bug occured on Singleplayer, Multiplayer or Dedicated server.


    Type: Multiplayer / Singleplayer / Dedicated server.
    Description: The description of the bug goes here.
    Steps needed to reproduce: Information on how to reproduce the bug goes here. Please make it as detailed as possible.
    Crashdump: Link your crashdump here. Not required if the client did not crash.
    Screenshot/Video: Add a screenshot/video of the bug (if possible). This is not needed if the client crashed.