[Bug Troubleshooting] Ported camos appearing incorrectly, and muzzle flash occasionally appearing incorrectly

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  • Hey,

    So I ported a camo from multiplayer to zombies - specifically a modded camo that replaces the Pack a Punch MP camo - to Victis maps' pack a punch camo. i have previously done this a bunch with Origins and MotD with perfect results, but upon trying this with victis maps, it worked but also didnt at the same time. While the camo appears perfectly on guns like the M8a1, HAMR, AN94, Remington, and a lot off those, the texture does not appear but rather remains as a flat color; specifically on the M1911s, M27, and DSR-50.
    If this is happening to you, please let me know if you have a fix, or a reason.

    While im in the topic of modding support, i have over 500 files in my images folder and i was hoping someone might know what to look for. On two guns in particular ive noticed, the pack a punch muzzle flash appears as diagonal black boxes. These guns are the FAL and AN94 when pack a punched. Ive never noticed it until I started using the TranZit Reimagined image files, but i have yet to find the source.

    If you wish to discuss this, reply here, or message me on discord @ February31st#0031

    <<< EXAMPLES BELOW >>>

  • Camo appearing correctly e185d018-5c0e-40e9-bb06-2ae05cfe0c33-image.png
    Camo appearing incorrectly ff2fc21f-9c36-4a8e-8c44-72ab17286570-image.png
    Bullets appearing incorrectly6af7f05b-deb0-41ad-9e1f-b0fcb094a014-image.png

  • I think it has something to do with alt col (rough textures for majority of guns) . PaP for mp has everything while victis pap only covers the col of weapons(unless I missed it). Why it's appearing on some guns, and not others not sure should appear on M1911.

    As for the muzzle flash I don't really know textures usually comes out black when you made it opaque or placed something on where it shouldn't be. Although it only coming out on FAL and AN94 is pretty weird.

    So in conclusion I have no idea I only know how to do textures lmao.

  • @Gewehr i know for sure its none of the alt files, because ive tried swapping the files and renaming the alt files as the main files. thats how i fixed the camo the first time, but then after returning it to normal i also removed all the alt files except for the one i fixed, from my images folder. its really weird.

  • hmm I have no idea then.

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