Zombies Crashing

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  • When I try play zombies it works fine but about 10-20 minutes into the round the game just closes randomly with no messages to show for it. Anyone got a possible solution?

  • @BigBulldog87 I'm pretty you said you have Bullgard and we already told you uninstall it, did you do it? If not then creating a new post asking for the same stuff without listening to us in the first place is useless.
    Also if you uninstalled Bullgard but installed another antivirus then what is it? Might be as shitty as the previous one thus causing the same issue.

  • No one has told me anything and yes I have Windows Defender and Firewall. I have disabled the 2 and also have created an exclusion for my Plutonium folder and pluto_t6_fullgame folder and still nothing has worked. I saw in a post before that resetting stats was an option. I did that and the next game I played was no crash. I played another match and crashed in about 25 minutes of gameplay. I have hit a brickwall and have no Idea what to do. I love this game so much and wish to play it some more.

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