Cheater on T6

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  • There is a player with the name "Noob" who I think is using multiple cheats. First off, they have an obvious macro. They are using the FAL and they consistently had it at the fire rate of a SCAR. I also think they were using wallhacks and covering it up by using an MMS sight. I watched multiple killcams of them killing me before the scan even got to me. He also looked at me through walls while hipfiring, then ADSed and killed me.

    I also think he is using a soft aimbot, but most of the shots looked legit (besides the walling). He was also the only one in the lobby who was rubber banding and freezing in place. My ping was about 120, his was 90, but nobody else in the lobby was lagging like that.

    I have some footage, but I'm not sure how to share it here if it comes to that. Thanks.

    Edit: At the time of writing this, I saw him on the GSA nuketown server if that helps.

  • @cactus3k upload the video on youtube or something and link it here

  • @cactus3k They aren't going to do anything with just what you say. They'll need to actually see proof.

  • @SerinityyXD sorry. was busy

  • @cactus3k i think mans prol just has a mad trigger finger and fast reaction time, some of it does look a bit sus but most of the killcams seemed normal, theres a high chance hes just a really good player

  • @cactus3k Some of that did look sus but I doubt he was hacking. That just seemed like really good awareness (Probably good headphones) and it's mouse you can click really fast. Also double binds exist XD

  • The codcaster/spectator/killcam is trash and does not really show the reality they do not shoot as fast as in the video which does not mean that they are not shooting fast in reality but the video still does not show the reality. It kinda feels like it stacks some shots and releases them at some point so it looks like they are shooting faster than its possible to shoot without glitches which is as fast as the SCAR-H (625 RPM) for example. The same problem can appear for a sniper where the traveled bullet does not hit the enemy or just takes another path, than the one the shooting player saw, in the codcaster/spectator/killcam. I also know them and i know that they are very good and i am very sure that they are not cheating. Also if you do not use cold blooded they can see you through walls because of the mms attachment

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