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  • I would like to report here my problem with BO2, when I first started the game, it worked normally, with very high fps, no problem at all. Until I opened it to play again and all of a sudden the fps dropped a lot (ps: I was with the same graphical configuration the first time I started the game, I changed nothing), but when I look up on any map, the fps goes back to normal. can you help me? thanks
    My Config:
    I5 6200U
    8GB Ram

  • check sticky posts in this forum, you need to disable fullscreen optimizations for one of the launcher exes. worked for me at least

  • ma dog,and the graphics card? I have a laptop with lower specifications and it goes at a fixed 60 fps.

  • @qndxdx So I've already followed all the suggestions on the forum on how to fix low fps, even disabling full screen optimizations for one of the former launchers and none of them worked for me. but I noticed one thing, when I closed steam completely, the fps improves a little bit. Ex: looking forward it's 15~20 fps, if I drag a little to the side, the fps goes up to more than 90fps, I don't understand that, it's kind of crazy.

  • @JAOZIKX9 i have same specs im getting solid 120 fps. I had the same problem.Turn your fullscreen mode to windowed fullscreen and enjoy game.

  • @Ponkss I decided to install the game one more time and did what you said, at first it worked for now, later I'll let you know if it completely solved this problem.

  • @Ponkss Dude, your tip solved my drop fps problem, thank you very much, thanks

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