Plutonium Zombies Glitch

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  • So there's been a bug/glitch or whatever for the longest time but I think it should be addressed. In Zombies there's a way that you can jump over zombies and, if timed just right, jump crouch and stand up in mid-air to jump over entire hordes. Basically meaning if you ever get trapped or cornered you can just jump right out if you perfect the technique. This bug isn't on Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox. Only Plutonium. I personally don't care if anything is done about it. I just figured I would bring it to the devs attention because this could possibly be a game breaking glitch if perfected.

  • This has always happened to me on console lmao. It’s just a result of a combination of high ping and low frame rate, even if it’s just a little off, it has a chance of happening because the game logic is a little slow

  • This issue only affects dedicated servers running zombies. It does not work in private matches.

  • @LeapingYears I have done it on servers with less than 50 ping and I run over 120 fps and it still happens to me. I own an Xbox and PlayStation, I tested it on both, it can't be done on console. I also tested it on the Steam version and it can't be done on their either. This only occurs on Plutonium.

  • @JezuzLizard Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up. Do you know if there's ever going to be a patch in a future update?

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