Kill Counter write to file for OBS/Streamlabs to read from

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  • I am brand new to both modding zombies and streaming, but something I thought would be cool is if I could utilize a text from file source in Streamlabs that a custom script on Plutonium keeps updated with my current kills/headshots etc so that I can always have them displayed on my stream. I ran through a re-compiled source for the game, and saw some functions for fileprint_start(file)
    So I am wondering if this is something that can be utilized, with my main concern being if the game would cause any file IO locks if it runs synchronously if you get a ton of kills rapidly (insta-kill). If so, then perhaps I could write in some logic to throttle the writing to update every x ms.

    Really just looking for some pointers or suggestions as to how this could be accomplished. Worst case scenario I just make a script that displays these values in the game itself, versus having Streamlabs do it (although it would be preferred to be able to control the position, visibility, style etc via Streamlabs). I am decently experienced programmer so feel free to use jargon if you through some high level or example code my way!

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