zombies error

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  • my problem is kind of strange
    since the game opens normal and it seems that everything is normal.
    But when I'm playing solo or lan, the game closes completely, remove the antivirus and just in case the firewall and keep closing my games without any explanation.

  • What antivirus are you using? Also does this happen only on ZM?

  • @HannesC
    Thanks for answering me.
    Basically I use windows defender and I always deactivate it when playing, plutonium works normal when opening and playing for a few minutes, it does not even throw up authentication problems.
    When I play in solo, I only remove the internet and strangely the game works, that is, it does not close.
    But when I'm connected to the internet and I want to play on the Internet, the game takes me out in the middle of the game.

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