banned: repost so admins can see

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  • So listen I got banned but I don't know the reason why. I don't care that I got banned nor am I asking to get un banned, I just want to know why I got banned because I didn't have anything on my pc other than plutonium and steam because I reset my pc. If an admin can tell me why I got banned instead of saying "you probably cheated, just wait your time." that would be great. I did try and make a new account to play again while I got banned and it extended my time which is my fault but I want to know why I got banned on this account.

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  • @lResxt no, that one case where a guy got banned was because his pc restarted and installed updates while he was playing pluto.

    @hellboysito what am i supposed to tell you? Our logs clearly show that you tried to cheat or tried to tamper with game memory.

  • @Dss0 When I last played plutonium everything was normal, I got a bluescreen which made me go ahead and reset my pc and is probably why I got banned. I redownloaded windows and the first thing I did was download plutonium and the Direct x9 bat and that's when I figured out that I was banned. It was a whole day and a half that I got off of plutonium. I never had any hack or anything on my pc.

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