Getting kicked For VPN

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  • Pls help me i'm not using any kind of VPN but The servers think i do and they keep kicking me .

  • @LegendNeverDie That isn't plutonium's fault, contact the server owner telling him your IP isn't a VPN.

  • No, most of them just change your location and don't have anything to do with internet congestion. However, some high-grade VPNs can sometimes solve this problem. They’re not the cheapest, but that’s not the point. VPNs such as NordVPN usually help with net congestion because of the way they’re programmed. I saw that Cyberghost ratings have been very positive lately. I know for a fact that they help with congestion, so that’s another one you can try. This isn’t the only option, though. You can always get help from your internet provider.

  • @SayKo_ how to contact server owners?
    and what should i tell them?

  • @parippuvada

    Getting kicked on most servers for using a VPN
    Most servers use a server manager like IW4MAdmin which comes with a VPN detection plugin by default.

    If you use a VPN the easiest solution is to turn it off or exclude plutonium-bootstrapper32.exe from your VPN.

    If you don't then your IP might have falsely been flagged as a VPN IP. You can either contact server owners/admins of the servers you wanna play to ask them to whitelist you or if you want your IP to not be flagged at all on any server you can contact the person who made the API used by the VPN detection plugin here to have your IP whitelisted

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