Do I have to use a VPN to safely use the torrent?

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  • Its been a while since ive used plutonium T6/ bo2 and the download process has changed and this is my first time using a torrent, when i look it up everyone says to use a vpn to safely download torrents. do i need to for this? i dont really want to spend money to get a vpn and i also dont want to pay $40 - $60 on a 8 or 9 year old game. if i do need to use a vpn could you recommend me one thats free to use or something? and also if i do use a vpn do i have to use the vpn at all times while using the torrent?


  • Its subjective tbh. Not all ISPs care but its better to be on the safe side, and yeah use a VPN to torrent stuff. Any free VPN works, keep the VPN on until you finish downloading the torrent (13.7GB approx.).

  • @Laserpoint29 torrents themselves aren't a problem, they're just a way to share files just like Google Drive but some countries will annoy you if torrent, even legal files and obviously if you don't own the game and get the files then that's piracy. It's up to you to know the risks depending on your country and ISP.

    If you wanna make sure you're safe then either buy the game on Steam or on a trusted key site like Instant-Gaming or use a VPN while torrenting. Note that not all VPNs allow torrenting and there are no free one that allow it, at least not for 13gb. You can always buy a cheap VPN that allows torrenting or grab one that has a 30 days test period where they refund you if you say you don't like the product.

  • @HannesC alright so i guess ill try to find one

  • Well I'm not in jail yet so it's fine I guess

  • @PMR lol, but seriously i dont hink you can go to jail but it depends on your isp or something idk.

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