T4 MP not launching properly

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  • When launching T4 MP, can hear the menu music but shows up on the screen. Not even a black screen, it just shows up as a transparent window in the taskbar.

    T4 ZM works fine however. My guess is that when I downloaded custom zombies maps it messed with the MP client, since I noticed the issue sometime after downloading the modded maps. However deleting the mods doesn't seem to have fixed the MP issue nor repairing the T4 installation.

  • Try copy pasting this command in the bootstrapper cmd window and see if you can alt tab into the game again:

    r_fullscreen 0;vid_xpos 0;vid_ypos 0;r_noborder 1;vid_restart

  • Wow I guess it was that simple. Thanks for the help.

  • @KaseyMoxie World at War is an old game and fullscreen mode has issues (+ Windows 10 fullscreen optimization miight not make it better) so yeah windowed borderless (r_fullscreen 0) is highly recommended. It will avoid crashes when using alt tab too.

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