[RELEASE] (ZM - TranZit) The Meme Bus

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  • So i got bored and decided to reuse some files for different situations that might be more fitting. So I made the bus sound effects just straight memes. The building sound you might recognize from @Esentasse 's Paralyzer sound. And youll have to find out the rest. The only other thing i changed was the Avogadro's spawning sound effect.

    If you have the sound studio you can go HERE for the FLAC and WAV files, keep in mind that the flac files go in sabs and the wav files go in sabl of zmb_classic_transit.all.

    If you dont want to mess with the studio and just want the sounds prepackaged, and in all their glory you can go HERE and simply move these into your steam's sound folder/t6_full_game sound folder, and just allow the files to replace the ones there.

    I suggest that if you think you might dislike the sounds or the sounds get annoying and you want to revert, copy the already existing sabs and sabl files and move them to a safe spot in case you want to put them back into the game

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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