Sensitive Mod on discord

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  • If you feel this is stupid, feel free to skip over it. Me and some other people were having fun (in #general channel) we were basically just doing stupid things talking about the i forgor๐Ÿ’€ meme. We were having fun and this Mod co es and gives us a warning for emoji spam. As far as i know emoji spam is randomly sending emojis to derail a chat but we were sending the skull emoji with the kind of text memes. Anyway, after that i told the mod they forgor how to mod and they muted me for 7 days. I left the server but rejoined the next day coz i wanted to see the chats and the bot spammed my dm's with the message that I've been muted for an additional day. I love plutonium it gave me back my childhood but this is some A tier BS

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  • Well maybe i was given the wrong reason but i was having fun with some ppl bro c'mon 7 days + idk how many additional days just for rejoining seems too much.

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