Der Eisendrache Round Changer GameOver Sounds

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  • Hi this is my first post, this is a sound changer round works only in Tranzit,Nuketown and Survival.

    First you need is the bo2 sound studios here is the link Here

    Now download the files Here

    Open the sound studios

    Go file/open/Call of Duty Black Ops 2\sound

    Search the file zmb_common.all.sabs/zmb_patch.all.sabs

    Search the file mus_zombie_round_over.SN65.pc.snd/mus_zombie_round_start.SN65.pc.snd/dempsey_was_here.SN65.pc.snd

    Replace sound of those you download

    Save it close the sound studios

    Enjoy your round changer, if there is a problem I'll do it gladly

    Well that for it enjoy and take care wash your hands. ❤ 🙂

  • People dont necessarily need the tool they can also just replace the whole file in the sounds folder with the file that is already edited

  • @IMGAYOwO he provided the individual file for probably 2 reasons

    1. He has custom sounds I installed, so giving you the whole file will also give you other custom sounds

    2. You have custom sounds installed, so replacing his whole file will also replace your custom sounds

    Just a guess

  • link doesnt work anymore

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