Starting BO2 doesnt work a ton of errors in console

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  • Plutonium console errors.png

    This is how the console looks after I tried to start bo2 through the platinum launcher
    the game screen itself is completely black no loading graphic nothing
    it also changes my screen resolution to something ridiculously small I don't know what exactly.

    I also provided screenshots of the folder bo2 from steam is installed and the directory I chose.
    I also closed all the overlays like the people said you should do.
    Plutonium path.png COD Folder.png

    If I try to start bo2 over steam normally it also doesn't work surprisingly screenshots on how that looks are also provided.
    in the top left corner is actually the game after it changed my resolution again and then back.

    What can i do to fix this?

    COD errror.png

  • you have msi afterburner on desktop disable that . next disable any other overlays ,steam, discord thats also running and try running game

  • msi afterburner isnt running ^^ ill try the rest aswell

  • b577d601-8d5f-4208-a9a5-558d48303504-image.png
    same error this is what i have open i want through task manager to close everything what could resemble an overlay
    i went as far as un installing a lot of stuff that aren't essential to my daylie use of my pc

    i dont know any further i am sry

  • 4838baa4-bb79-4b34-b06c-20f6922f0a28-image.png

    i even closed the java update and gforce exp

    same error

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