[Troubleshooting] (ZM) No Box Limit Script

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  • So I had just recently downloaded the No Box Limit script from @Martix and downloaded it about 2 days ago. Upon trying to test it today i noticed it wasnt working. As i no longer have access to the discord server, I'm asking here, @JezuzLizard .

    (I know absolutely nothing about code, and i struggle with even using tutorials with code, so ill never be able to figure it out on my own)

    But i actually want this script for my game, and i have no idea what to do about it. i compiled the script with the GSC Tool Kit from here and tried to use it without success. I even loaded up my gsc mod menu to give myself the means to spin the box for a while before i gave up.


    • Is it still possible to use the script with minimal tweaking?
    • What might i have done wrong?
    • What did you mean by using the replacefunc() function, and how would i do that?

    Any help i can get is appreciated

  • Hey @LeapingYears. Did you end up figuring this out?

  • @jxbrts no i didnt. nobody's responded and i havent had the time to figure it out on my own

  • @LeapingYears Fair enough.

    @JezuzLizard Can you take a look at this, I have been looking for an updated version of the "No box limit" script that was posted around a year ago. Would be great if you can give us an update on the topic. Greatly appreciate any time spent on this

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