Spectator mode in zombie vanilla maps (except Der Riese)

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  • I am already aware that that this is a glitch in the known issues that players are put into spectator mode instead of the map resetting. But I am also wondering why do none of the custom maps have these issues nor does any of the servers hosting der riese. Are the other 3 vanilla maps affected because of how they were built up? Sometimes I want to play one of the 3 maps with others without always picking der riese or a custom map.

  • Is this a server you are hosting? If so, I think you can force a reset using the command


    The issue lies with the scripting of these three maps. Custom maps based on them will likely have the same issue.
    Plutonium watches for everyone being dead and issues a notify to end the game. But that notify was introduced with Der Riese, the prior maps' scripting did not wait for it, it called the end game function directly. So Pluto's notify just goes into the void and nothing happens.

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