Can't join friends , server

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  • My friend cant join me , yesterday it works everything fine but now he cant even go on online ( connecting to server) infinite .

  • @Kyotoem this is probably because the host local IP changed. Basically he opened a port on his local IP (on his router) but this IP changes every day/week/month or on router restart (this depends on the brand). So the port forwarding rule he added for his PC that had the local IP for example isn't working anymore because his PC now has another local IP like

    You need to either port forward again on that new IP (in case this is the problem) or setup a static IP on your router to prevent it from giving you a different IP everytime.

    Another that could be the problem is if he disabled his firewall or his antivirus firewall last time but didn't this time. If that's the case he could add exceptions/rules in his firewall/antivirus firewall

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