Why is this not working?

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  • watchChatMessages()

    level endon("end_game");
    for(;;) {
    level waittill("say", player, message);
    if (tolower(message) == ".givemoney") {
    if (self.name == David23) {
    player.score += 10000;
    player tell("You have been given ^2100000 ^7points!");
    else {
    player tell("Do I look like ^2A Bank?");
    wait 0.01;


    also please tell me how to set only 1 map in config file, it might seems uncool but im new and something i tried dont work. the maps i want is buried origins and town. all in zclassic

  • @David23 Because the entity you are looking not exist in this case. You call level thread watchChatMessages(); in the init and the entity you care is called player because in level waittill("say", player, message); you called the entity var player. The self entity do not exist

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