error loading custom maps on plutonium

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  • when I try to load a map on plutonium it boots into the mod but doesn't actually show me the UI to launch the map. for example for the fortress mod it has a custom start menu and allows me to play the map, but with plutonium it doesn't allow me to boot the map or anything. thats my first issue.

    Also when loading a map called pietercity i get this error message 0f0ccd07-bdb2-4110-a151-0a81f48ab608-image.png

    i may be stupid but can you just not play some mods on plutonium?

  • @mistahanto
    If you got the map by joining a server delete it and install it yourself instead as it's known for causing issues sometimes.
    Also make sure there aren't any mod in the Activision mods folder.
    You might also repair your game, just in case.
    Finally go take a look at the map on the internet (on websites where you can download it), if there are instructions for the map like disabling a certain video settings then do it.

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