720 font help

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  • First of all: I know there are a lot of posts which comment this problem and yes, I tried all solutions possible.

    Im just panicing because I don't know what more to do.

    I've deactivated my AV, repaired game (nothing)

    I've also fully reinstalled game (Nothing)

    I tried to download the game from fitgirl cuz I read in the forum that having the game downloaded before installing plutonium is highly recommended (nothing)

    I got the error all the damn time and people in discord server does not seem to be able to help me

    Any suggestions?Screenshot_2.png

  • Screenshot your bo2 folder (showing full path) and game settings of the launcher.

  • Hello!

    Srry for answering this late.

    I solved it by simply udpating my nvidia drivers with driver.

    So if anyone bumps another topic with this, you ahve one more solution

    Have a nice day!

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