[Idea/P.O.C.] Port Who'sWho perk to other maps

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  • This is just a proof of concept on how someone would possibly port that perk in to other maps such as Tranzit.
    VIDEO showing what I mean

    As I have no GSC scripting knowledge at all, I can't bring this idea to life. But my thought process on how it "Could" work is as follows:

    1. Use tombstone perk as a base
    2. As soon as the player gets downed, force "feed the zombie"(suicide) upon the player. Then, Instantly respawn the player (with some kind of screen effect to let the player know he affected by the perk).
    3. Tombstone should spawn on where the player last died.
    4. The player would then have to go back, and pick up his tombstone to get all guns and perks back (but with some kind of delay to not make it extremely OP).

    Some possible complications/things to keep in mind:

    • Properly handling tombstone timer (You probably know that it disappears after a while if player doesn't pick it up).
    • Making it work on solo and/or on death barriers like the original perk does.
    • Teleport player to where it got down and make it get all its items back (no perks) if tombstone isn't picked up in time and IF player is in solo and has quick revive as well.
    • Managing points you get during respawn and when reviving (I don't remember how it works on die rise, but is an important thing to not forget about).

    I hope I explained my idea well enough as I have tried explaining my idea in the past to other people and no one understood what I meant.

    Please know that this is in no way a request to make someone create this script for me. This is just an idea on how such perk could possibly be ported in case somebody is interested.

  • @Erickgames_HD Or you could modify the existing Whos Who script so it works on all maps?

    I did this a while back for one of my mods. I simply removed the code related to clientfields, and used different perk machine assets.

    It worked exactly as Whos Who normally does except the screen effect and audio didn't work because they aren't available on other maps.

    I'll see if I can find that script if other people want to use it.

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