cg_fov and cg_fovscale issues

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  • Hello,

    I really love what you guys have done by unlocking the fovscale. However, whenever I set it it just seems to reset in another game. The same thing happens with the FOV. I would like to use a cg_fovscale of 1.9 and a cg_fov of 55. This works if I set them both in the game I am in, but if I join a new game or die it can reset. How can I make these permanent settings? I was thinking that as a workaround I could make binds that run the console commands to set them both, but I can’t seem to do that either.

    This kind of thing works perfectly in IW6x and S1x. Does anyone have any advice?

  • @lizardpeter I only have a fix for the fov part, but the fovScale I can't help with (I also raised this issue but haven't received a solution yet). Just change cg_fov_default to your desired value and it'll stick.

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