VPNs are not allowed on this server

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  • Hi,

    I'm a VPN user but I always disable my VPN while playing on Plutonium, I've never had an issue with it but for some reason, I now get kicked from servers that don't allow VPNs even though my VPN app is not even open or connected.

    Do you have any fix to this ? Thanks in advance, la bise.

  • Ok, I've connected in another server, and it says I hail from "Spain", I remember getting kicked for using VPN like 3 days ago (I use VPN to play GTA online and I had forgotten to disable it), but now it says I'm in Spain, even though I am not using my VPNs..

    I suppose the VPN ip had been linked to my plutonium account, how can I disable it ? La bise.

  • Game servers only have the IP you are using the connect to the server itself nothing else. (+ they can save the old ones but IW4m-A does not use historical data for that).

    Anyways you did use a Spanish IP to post this thread, so you might have permanently enabled your VPN through its management tool.

  • Thanks for letting me know !

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