Error You Have Been Disconnected from the Codbo2 servers

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  • It says error when i try to play any zombies like alcatraz i keep getting thoss server errors. Even in my steam version of bo2 .. How to fix this please plutonium devs. I got A latest direct x and installed all redist packages in redist folder and i have windows 10 pro and 8gb of ram ?

  • Your PC needs longer than 90 seconds to load the map, get the loading time below that.

  • yes i know that i have to wait but i keeps getting that disconnected from server error in some maps. and when i try to play nuketown zombies it works 1 time but in 2nd attempt of playing it disconnected me. i played in lan mode and in online. and then i noticed that the awaiting challenge time is over 50 . i think that the awaiting challenge is prevented me for playing the map.

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