Friend banned after one match

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  • I just got my friend into a private match, we played it, then when he went to join the next match his game crashed and he has a ban. Said it didnt tell him why he's banned? this is the first time hes ever played.

    @Dss0 Can you look up @CPTNCUMSOCK and check why he's banned? literally the first time in his life he's used plutonium today. I helped him install it about an hour ago. We played a custom match on outpost (MW3) with bots. after that match finished he went to join the next match and crashed and got a notification that he's banned. Mans didn't even know how to install plutonium let alone try and cheat.

    He assumed the ban was related to his name so he made a new account with a different name and his ban time was increased.

  • Did either of you use any form of modifications while in private match? If so was it done in lan mode? And as for possibly getting banned due to his name, that may be the reason but the fact that he tried logging in on another account to ban evade is the reason why his ban got increased. I would recommend waiting for someone to help you before trying to make another account ๐Ÿ˜„

  • @BdawgTheSlaya The only kind of modification we've used is adding bots. I don't THINK this is the reason for his ban as I and a different friend both have these mods installed on our clients.

    Here's a link what we added:

    We weren't playing this in lan mode either we were playing in private matches. I completely understand ban circumvention probably wasn't his best choice but the intial ban is what we're trying to get looked into by an admin.

    Update: He sent me his dump file, we don't know how to read it so we don't even know if its helpful, just guessing at this point.

    Also worth noting is he was downloading the DLC while we played the base game maps, not sure if there's a problem playing IW5 when the dlc is missing or something.

    He didn't even have time to try and cheat, from the moment his plutonium was installed he loaded up IW5 and went into a private match (he was still screensharing on discord as I'd just walked him through setting it all up). Then he left the private match, played a game of dom with me and another mate on outpost. finished the match. he went to join the next one and his game crashed and then he said he was banned.

  • @tobipolar ye he got automatically banned by our anticheat for modifying process memory. We don't ban people for offensive names nor is it possible to get banned for a dlc download running in the background (or any download for that matter).
    Using botwarfare won't get you banned either as that uses our official method of loading mods in iw5, what will get you banned is using 3rd party "injectors" to load mods.

  • @Dss0 aight, well I know your policy on ban appeals so I wont bother arguing with you. I will say that I don't think he ran any injectors either. And now we're in limbo because we have no idea what's triggered your anti cheat. He didn't knowingly run anything on his pc to modify process memory (we don't even know how/why/what would do that). So when his ban is expired and he goes to play with us again, we'll have no idea what's causing it, and he'll cop a perma ban.

    Are there any known common programs that could cause this? we were thinking nvidia overlay or discord overlay or something because we've seen those cause issues in some other games in the past.

  • @tobipolar there is no software right now that we're aware of that causes the anticheat to trigger a detection apart from software that is designed for cheating.

  • @Dss0 okay. well is there any programs we can use to search his pc for stuff editing his process memory so we can remove it?

  • @tobipolar there is no such thing.. no software that runs in the background and randomly injects cheats into a game. He must have known exactly what he was doing.

    Anyways i'm locking this here as i don't believe the story and we don't do manual unbans anyways.

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