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  • I am trying to play zombies again but when i join a server then gets to the loading screen and then says waiting for other players it crashes. It use to work before but now it does not. Anyone?!dsa.PNG

    This was the error i got.

  • So it worked up until a few days? Well what changed in these few days? Did you get any custom camos, or have any DX overlays such as afterburner/rivatuner running in the background?

    Also does this happen on all servers or select ones?

  • I haven't played in while couple months maybe but I wanted to play again. I haven't got any custom camos. I don't have afterburner or rivatuner. And it happens on all servers. But when i open t6rzm.exe and load a zombies custom games it loads but in plutonium when i join a server or create a custom game it crashes at loading screen.

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