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  • I've recently seen a lot of people complaining about them getting banned and stating that they used mods in solo or private matches.
    I'd like to know what's exactly the criteria, because I use a mod menu that a member of the plutonium staff provided in a thread. That mod is only usable in solo and private games in which you are the host, and I'm afraid that could happen to me too.

  • @morpar it all depends on how you load the mod. If you load it by putting gsc files into the storage folder (or t6r/data) you won't get banned.
    What these people do is use injectors (which you don't need since you can load gsc from storage) which modify game memory to inject the gsc script into the game process and therefore essentially behave the same way as cheats.

  • Ok, that makes it all clear, thak you for the quick response.

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