Possible Client Bug

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  • There was a bug when me and 2 buddies were trying to do a 1v1v1 hardpoint match. This then led to a bug like shown in the picture below. We checked SnD, turns out that mode is completely fine. But CTF was also bugged in this same way. The reason we think it happened was because we turned on multi team and may cause a spawn issue of trying to render multiple players on multiple teams. But regardless I hope this helps, it shouldn't be that big of an issue but could in fact be a possible bug to be aware of. Thanks!!

    ![0_1630113169367_bo2 bug.jfif](Uploading 100%)

  • a450849c-923d-40fb-b375-b26ef16a27d3-image.png

    i was wondering about this, do u have this problem or no?

  • @brastc a mi también me aparece ese error saben como se soluciona?

  • @brastc @RedDemon That error means you're running an outdated build. Run plutonium.exe to update client files to the latest version.

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