i keep getting disconnected from the bo2 servers

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  • exactly what the title says ive just recently redownloaded plutonium and keep getting this message

    this is unimportant but my specs are

    intel HD graphics intergrated (I Know this can run since ive ran bo2 before on a pc like this)

    4 GB of ram (i know it runs too due to being able to play this on my old pc which had 4GB of ram)

    and its an intel Pentium (which also works with the actual bo2)

    i have a feeling that this is a plutonium issue i hope this can get fixed soon

  • @Octoexus when are you disconnected? When connecting to a server/loading the map? Your client has a max. of 90s to load the map before the server closes the connection, does it take longer than that?

  • @Dss0 im not sure it just says awaiting [something i dont remember] then after a couple of mins it kicks me and says ive been disconnected it also does this on solo games

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