Origins incompatible UI error

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  • me and my friend are trying to play customs games co-op on Origins and for some reason we are getting a 'ui incompatible' error, we've redownloaded pluto and still no luck, all other maps work tho, and we joined a public server together on origins and it works then so im unsure what the issue is.

  • I have the same problem. But with some friensd i can i with another no. Also depending on the map.

  • @JamBixX04
    UI Compatibility Error
    Since the update of r2107 people have been getting this error in T6 Zombies. This only occurs when players attempt to join their friends via custom games in DLC maps. A fix will be rolled out soon, please be patient!

    Possible solutions to try in the meantime:

    1. Join at same time - You can use dvar zombies_minplayer x where x = amount of people required to join in order the game to start. You must type this before starting the match. Hopefully this will prevent the error.

    2. Joining a public server playing those maps - at the moment, joining servers does not cause the error to occur and yes Easter Eggs work in servers.

    3. (for advanced users only) Host a public server - take a look at this guide to help you

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