Server advertising, promotion and introduction thread.

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  • This thread is to introduce and to promote your servers and to have a nice place to look up where the admins of certain servers can be reached.

    We currently have the following tags:

    • HC - Home Connection: This server / community is hosted with a residential conneciont expect lag spikes and sub-optional pings
    • NOA - NOt Affiliated: This server / Community has a name that tries to sound like they are affiliated with something they are not eg Pluto Promod

    A server with [HC|NOA] then would be hosted from home and could try to fool you into joining it by having Pluto in its name.














  • AWOG Community

    We are a small but professional multi gaming community we multiple performant servers hosted in central Europe.
    We mostly have CoD servers but also host BF, CS:S and DayZ, furthermore we do also play games like Destiny 2, Overwatch and Modern Warfare (2019). We can look back at 10 successful years and the core team alone can accumulate knowledge of 50+ years in IT from our professions.

    On Plutonium we were the first to

    • have a Town server on ZM.
    • restore the tombstone.
    • have working pings on the score board.
    • have custom GSC since we made that patch and had it privately for months.
    • Punish players for using EMP nades against perks.
    • host Rust and Highrise servers.

    Our CoD servers currently consist of 2x RektT5, 2x IW4x, 1x IW6x, 11x PlutoT6 (5x MP and 6x ZM) and 6 PlutoIW5 servers . We try to bring out the best of all games to its core players. To ensure the best possible experience 24/7 we are using IW4m-Admin where we do automate as much as possible and restart the servers daily for the best performance. Furthermore we do have custom map cycles based on player count, votes (map / kick / map skip) and kick high ping players.

    When automation can not solve a problem we can be easily reached by !report in-game, our Discord server and our TS³-Server.


  • ReactionGaming

    A decade-old gaming community that once help keep the ReactIW4 server list alive (No longer available now) with tech support, mod resources, ElDewrito Halo Online download on their forums.

    We also host IW4x, RektT5M, PlutoT6 ZM & MP Canada based dedicated servers for everyone to enjoy and we also plan on hosting PlutoIW5 once it comes out.

    We also testing out 7 days to die server.

    IW4MAdmin Panel:

  • NamelessNoobs

    Just a bunch of Noobs gaming,” is reaching its’ 5 year long milestone. We are a community based all around the world, focused on one thing, gaming! Our servers are hosted in the US (East Coast). We pride ourselves on Community driven events and games based on old and new titles.

    We host servers for most Call of Duty Titles(CoD4,MW2,MW3,BO2), Rust, Insurgency, Minecraft, and GTA 5.

    IW4M Link:

  • GBUK Servers

    Coming up to 2 years of Call of Duty Server hosting. We started on IW4X in mid 2018 and gained popularity pretty fast. We now also host multiple servers on PlutoT6 and IW5. We have a very small but professional team of Admins and developers who help provide server updates and features. Our discord is very active with over 400+ members. Everyone is welcome here at GBUK.


  • S&RServers

    The S&R Servers have been running for more than three years, starting with IW4x.
    We constantly work to update our servers and to provide you the best trickshotting experience. Feel free to join us.


  • Aspire Sniping

    Aspire FFA iSnipe (reg-gun servers added soon)

    • Sniper Only
    • No shock charges, stuns, flashes, sensor grenade etc
    • Miniscule health
    • Last nice is not mandatory
    • Right now we only have Nuketown and Raid 24/7 but more servers will be added

    We are Aspire, a clan originally coming from MW2, founded by Aspire Zak.
    After some time of inactivity, we are finally back to CoD, currently with around 25 active members.
    We are dominating games like MW3, Black Ops 2, CoD 4 and MW2 (IW4X).
    Don't let our clan name fool you. Aspire is both a sniper and reg-gun clan and our players are highly skilled in both matters. We are always searching for more people to join us so if you feel interested, you will find our discord below.
    You can always join our discord without the intent of joining our clan and talk with us. If you somehow got wrongfully banned, come here and we'll see what we can do about it!


    Aspire leader w1red is a moderator at Plutonium with Aspire member feel being a VIP and server hoster

  • Nostalgic Trickshotting 🐺

    All our servers are FFA and Sniper Only (We are planning to introduce reg-gun servers)

    • Sniper Only
    • Shock charges & Stuns are disabled
    • Miniscule health
    • Last nice on all our servers
    • Currently we have 12 servers that are adapted to the needs of all players.

    We are Lightning Wolves, a multi-gaming organization dedicated to providing the best possible experience for new community members. Our Plutonium team currently consists 12 people, who try to be as active and helpful as possible every day. The creation of Lightning Wolves servers in plutonium, is a result of our love to trickshotting. My server owner and I have decided together to start immediately with a server to provide as many people as possible with the best classic environment they can get. We don't want our server to be full of unnecessary features that you wouldn't find in a normal Black Ops 2 lobby. We try to keep the servers as nostalgic as possible so that you can have maximum fun playing. In the future we also want to be in as many games as possible, for example Modern Warfare 3 to offer you a classic environment. We also have a Discord Server where you can talk to your friends and have fun. Of course, you can also contact us there if things are not going well on the server and maybe there are people running around who have a negative influence on your gaming experience. We also have a channel where you can post your clips that you hit on our servers. Normally we make a community montage out of it once a month if there are enough clips.

    Forum (Currently German Only):
    TeamSpeak 3 (Currently German Only):
    IW4M Link:
    Website (In construction):

    If you have any questions about our servers, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


    Our PlutoniumT6 provides a complete vanilla black ops 2 experience with no modifications what so ever.

    We are looking for staff members to watch over our server as we get a lot of unwanted cheaters.

    If you are interested in applying for staff position, please join our official discord server!
    Server IP:

  • 71stRecon

    We are an 8 year old community. That originated as a sniping team.

    We are based in Australia, and our servers are hosted in Sydney.

    We have servers currently in iw4x and plutoT6
    With RektT5 and plutoIW5 planned.

    All mods we host are developed internally.

    Iw4madmin panel T6: (link coming soon)
    Iw4madmin panel iw4x: (link coming soon)

  • Frostbite FFA

    Frostbite is currently only a sniping/trickshot server. We will soon expand in to many more things like zombieland, and other fun game modes.

    Our server includes many FREE Features such as Save/Load, Fast Last, Platforms, Bounces, Canswaps, and more

    Discord -
    Server - Type "Frostbite" into the plutonium server list

  • L3Servers

    Hello and welcome to the l3 community.
    With a total of 10000 players, we offer you an expertise specialized in trickshot.
    With all kind of servers for all kind of people.


  • RURU Community

    A Plutonium T6 Zombies community.

    IW4MAdmin Webfront:

  • Leaf7

    started only about a week ago and currently only offers a trickshot server, we plan to add a variety of different game modes in the future.

    We also are the only trickshot server hosted in Europe, Finland currently.
    Feel free to join our discord if you´re looking for fellow trickshotters to chat with!

    IW4MAdmin Panel: coming soon

    i am the owner and only staff member at leaf7 currently. i myself am from Finland so our server is mainly for finnish players, anyone from Europe is still welcome! (or USA if you wanna play on high ping 😛 )

  • Sinks FFA Trickshotting!

    Just Started today and currently only offer a trickshot server. Maps in include lower barrier detour , hydro , vertigo and also includes carrier , studio and raid. Save and Load is also available for everyone!

    The Server is hosted in the US but is open to anyone around the world!
    Feel free to join the discord for updates on the server and more or message me for questions!

    My Personal Discord: SinkH20#1906
    Server IP:

    I am the owner of the server. looking in the future to have admins and moderators! Please dont ask

  • Unity Gamers

    We are an emerging community of gamers who actively play and support various Battlefield, Call Of Duty game clients and run more than 10 game servers. So come join us! Because playing together is more fun

    Our servers currently consist of 6 servers in BFBC2 Nexus, 6 servers in BFBC2 EA , 4 servers in Plutonium T6 and soon we will also host Plutonium IW5 servers again. To ensure the best possible experience we are using auto moderation technology. We restart our servers daily and do our best as much as possible.

    Server Core features :

    • Our Town and Farm server is now in a playable state
    • Tombstone perk fixed for the town server
    • Our server has no perk limits so enjoy unlimited perks
    • Grief mode is now in a playable state
    • Servers are 24/7


  • Sorex Servers

    Welcome to Sorex PlutoT6 Dedicated Post, in this post you can find more information about Sorex Servers and Sorex Mods - Developed by DoktorSAS

    Sorex Servers - PlutoT6

    Welcome to Sorex Servers, on mine servers you can play some cool gamemodes like:

    • Trickshot Lobby
    • Infected Custom Gamemode Lobby
    • GunGame Custom Gamemode Lobby
    • Crazy FFA Custom Gamemode Lobby
    • Randomize FFA

    Trickshot Lobby - PlutoT6

    In Sorex Trickshot servers there a lot of cool things for trickshotter:

    • Extra Default Calsses
    • Anty Leftover & Anty Barrel system
    • Lowered Barrier
    • Only sniper damage
    • Extra Spots
    • Match Bouns
    • Trickshot Utlities:
    • Save And Load
    • Drop Weapons
    • Drop Canswap
    • Third Person
      VIP Utilities:
    • Fast Last
    • Fast Last 2 Pices
    • Give Last to Others
    • Summon/Move Slider
    • Personal Bot
    • Extra Class
    • Camo Menu and Save Camo
    • Ufo
    • Platform


    Discord: on google

  • Ducxy's Trickshot FFA

    is a one of a kind trickshot only server. We have a currently rising playerbase and soon we will be launching multiple server instances so more people can have the chance to play! We have 24/7 Variety Maps and are 100% open to requests if Admins are online.

    Some of our features are:

    • Slides
    • Floaters
    • Bounces
    • Canswaps
    • In Game Menu
    • Teleport
    • Out Of Map
    • Etc;

    I will soon be trying to get servers out for other games too! Server is currently offline although will be on soon!

  • This post is deleted!
  • Promod Public Server
    We are planning on bringing back the Competitive Scene from MW3 with PlutoIW5.
    Our goal is to make a Server with all the Features that ESL had back when it was supported with MW3, maybe in the Future we can do weekly based Tournaments/Ladders.
    But to do this, we need to grow our Community, so please join the Discord if you're interested.
    You can find our first server already under the name "Pluto Promod - Public [SC]"
    You can find our Discord here:


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